A new beginning

I’ve been motivated to get this started by a friend of mine, Ed Berger, at the University of Virginia who started his own, HigherEd 2.0, some time ago and finds it to be an effective way of communicating with his students (or so he says...thanks Ed). Ed has also done a number of other interesting things with Web2.0 technology.

The goal of this is to find ways to interact with not only me but each other as well. I guess we’ll see how it goes, but I’m very excited that we can make this work. Ideally, this site will be sort of a central meeting point outside of class...and eventually it could take on a life of its own.

You can ask questions of me and each other about just about anything...vibes-related or not...

This site is run by the TikiWiki software. I am very new to this and I’m not quite sure exactly what I’ve gotten myself into. However, this seems like it has just about everything: blogs, a wiki, galleries, articles, and several other things that I have not enabled. Very powerful stuff. I really have no idea how we will use all of this, but then again, that’s the point.

So here it is...and it should become whatever you want it to be...

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