Classes begin...soon

In case anyone is interested, a couple of random thoughts...

There is a new textbook for this class. The previous book is now out of print so we could not get enough copies to meet the enrollment, hence the new book. However, the course will be focused on the lectures, rather than the book. I remember as a student hating the professors who would essentially read from the text and then work examples from the text. I always wondered why then I didn’t just do the same from the comfort of my room. So I try to present the material in the whatever way I think you will be best served, instead of how the author of the text thinks is best.

Having said that, the current book by Balachandran (who happens to be a friend of mine) is pretty good. It has a number of modern examples and incorporates numerics with MATLAB. We will do the same.

Also, we’ll have a project in this course. Hopefully a pretty cool one at that. In the past I have done projects of the vibrations of zeppelins, the control of a Segway, energy harvesting, and deformable mirrors. I am currently thinking about this semesters project. Any cool applications come to mind?