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Proper Spelling, Grammar Seen As Important In Professional World

In the Career Journal column of the Wall Street Journal (8/28), Toddi Gutner responds to a question from someone who is mentoring a young engineer that is generally very competent but makes a large number of spelling and grammatical errors in his writing. While conceding that online communication has, in general, made abbreviated or erroneous spelling and grammar more acceptable, Gutner and a host of other experts argue that good writing is still critical in the professional world. Moreover, exercising poor spelling and grammar can indicate to supervisors that the writer is either immature or has poor attention to detail. Gutner suggests a series of steps to the mentor that may correct the mentee’s behavior, which includes determining if the root cause is a learning disability such as dyslexia. In this case, Gutner writes, certain accommodations can be made.

Read the whole article. Essentially the conclusion is that poor spelling and bad grammar are unprofessional. There are certainly times that unprofessional writing is appropriate, but unprofessional writing should be saved for unprofessional times. When you communicate in a work or even classroom setting, keep in mind that your goal is to appear competent, and possibly even short, professional. When you send an email to someone you don’t know very well, check your spelling (or learn to spell) and form complete sentences. Remember that communicating with your employer (or professor) is different than texting your friends.

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