ME 203

Announcements, comments, and thoughts

Graduated Problems

Problem solving is central to dynamics or almost any other engineering discipline, and its easier to learn anything when you start off with relatively simple problems, building in complexity. With this in mind, I identified a series of increasingly complex problems dealing with rotation. I’m calling these “graduated problems” because hopefully they will help you graduate (and they are graduated in difficulty). You can go directly to the page or find the link on the ME 203 menu. As always, let me know if you like these and/or want to see other examples.

Video Lecture

I’m trying out a new thing...videolectures. I recorded a short (15 minutes) lecture on kinematic transformations, that is, changing directions from one set of basis vectors to another. The lecture focuses on changing from polar to Cartesian directions and back, but is equally valid for an other set of directions.
This is a new attempt for me to use screen recordings so I’d appreciate any feedback that you might provide. You can go there directly or find it on the videolectures page.

Focus Groups on Tuesday

Focus groups will be held on Nov. 11th and 12th. Amy Orange from UVa will be contacting you by email to schedule the groups. We are interested in your experiences with the technology, including the course blog, forums, and video solutions, being used in class this semester. Any feedback would be appreciated, whether it is positive, negative, or if you have some suggestions to share with us. Focus groups will take approximately 30-45 minutes, depending on the number of students in the group. Thanks...

Otis Day and the Knights

Where did that title come from you ask?

Shoutbox -> Twist and Shout -> Animal House

Never seen the movie? Google Otis Day and the Knights video and select the link for more videos. On youtube the audio has been removed, but there are other versions around. Also, look them up on Wikipedia. Apparently the band was formed for the movie, but have stayed together and still tour. Just a small peek into being me.

Anyway, I managed to add a shoutbox to the site. Try it out...

Exam Results

Exam 1 is finished. Overall the results were not unexpected. The class average was 70.35 on the exam. The class as a whole did the best on the first problem (42.7/50) and the worst on the last problem (24.2/50). Problems 2 and 3 were about average, with 36.8/50 and 37.0/50 respectively. The scores ranged from 99 to 28, with a fairly even spread above 50.

You have an opportunity to earn back some of the points that you lost. If you rework the exam and get everything right, I will add back a third of the points that you missed on your worst problem. When I say everything I mean that your resubmission should look a set of exam solutions. Consequently I will not be posting exam solutions...after you resubmit your exam you should have developed your own set of solutions.

Exam I, 09 Oct 2009

Hi all. A reminder that the first exam will be held on Friday, Oct 09 during class. The exam will cover topics from Chapter 12 and 16. Also, we will have class next Tuesday during problem session...

Please post questions about the exam on the forum.