ME 203

Announcements, comments, and thoughts

Exam I revisited

A we discussed in class the first exam will be tomorrow (Wednesday) during class in SHS 145. It will cover material in Ch. 12 as well as velocity problems from Ch. 16.

Good luck...

Exam I

As was decided in class, the first exam will be split over two days, on October 13 and 15, and held during the class period. The problems will cover Chapters 12 and 16 in the text, essentially all of planar kinematics, including
  • Cartesian coordinates
  • Polar coordinates
  • Projectile motion
  • Relative motion (e.g., pulleys)
  • Rotation
  • Velocity with respect to a moving object
  • Acceleration with respect to a moving object

Also, there are a number of old exams and worked problems available on the Exam Solutions page.

02 Oct 2008 Quiz

From the title you can probably guess the topic. I spent most of yesterday trying to fix the network problems with my machine and did not have time to finish the homework solutions. As a result, I am going to cancel this weeks quiz...yep...cancel, not just postpone. This will get us back on schedule.

Quiz Today

So the network was down again last night. This time I think that it was to power fluctuations due to Ike. However, given the previous extension the quiz scheduled for today will go on. Everything was back to normal as of 8:00am...

Class Canceled

As I mentioned on Wednesday, I am canceling class today, Friday, August 29. Also, don’t forget that the classroom has been changed to SHS 110, just down the hall. Have a great Labor Day and I’ll see you next Wednesday.

Fall 2008 Welcome

...and it all begins again. Welcome back to campus and to the home for my section of ME 203: Dynamics. I have spent a bit of time reorganizing this site to include all of the available content in a (hopefully) logically organized way. There’s a lot here, from general course information (like the syllabus) to available solutions and example problems to collaborative areas (this blog, homework forums). Feel free to poke around and I’ll see you in class soon.


Someone sent me an email:
are in the middle of studying and we were wondering if you could offer any kind of guidance towards what types of problems will be on the exam? We are looking at Chapter 13 material right now and there are so many different possibilities that it’s overwhelming. If you can help out at all..we would appreciate it!

So here goes:
This exam will primarily focus on the dynamics of particle motion, from Chapters 13 through 15. The material in Chapter 13, using linear momentum balance, is really important and we spent the most time in this chapter. The topics in Chapter 14, using work-energy, and Chapter 15, using impulse-momentum, were primarily used for specific cases. In the former we focused on conservative problems (total energy is constant) while in the latter we spent most of our time looking at impact (linear momentum is conserved).

There is definitely a lot of material, but what you need to make sure you have is an understanding of how to apply these methods. Remember the four steps that we apply when solving these problems (coordinates and directions, kinematics, free-body diagrams, eqns of motion).

Exam II

So there is a wrinkle this time...not “in time”, but with the exam schedule. When I called to reserve the exam room, another class had already reserved it from 2:00-3:00pm on Tuesday, April 15. So I went ahead and held it from 11:00am-2:00pm, but I don’t know how this will work with the various schedules in the class. Obviously, if you are free from noon-2:00pm then that will work out, or from 11:00am-1:00am. However, if you have an unavoidable conflict please let me know as soon as possible so that we can work something out.