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Gradescope - Homework Submission

D. Dane Quinn Saturday 16 of September, 2017
All assignments are to be submitted in Gradescope. You must register with Gradescope and associate your course using the following codes:
SectionAccess code

A guide to using Gradescope is available online.

A test submission can be found on the homework page. Please submit this assignment on Gradescope before Tuesday, September 19, 2017.

Kinematics Quizes

D. Dane Quinn Monday 04 of October, 2010
These kinematics problems are time consuming. I cannot realistically expect you to analyze the position, velocity, and acceleration of a mechanism within the 15 minutes available for a quiz. Therefore, when the problem involves the velocity and/or acceleration I will typically given you the configuration (position) of the mechanism. This should dramatically reduce the time required for the problem.