ME 441 Homework

Homework 01

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Its now available, and due next Wednesday. Please use this forum topic to post any questions or comments about this homework. I will create a new topic for each homework assignment and you can then post a new message below.
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I added a brief set of notes on various useful MATLAB commands, under the pages on Notes. In particular, Section 8 on Polynomials contains a description of the residue command, which can be used to perform partial fraction expansions.
Does anybody know if we are going to have a problem session tomorrow? I’m having problems with simplifying the block diagram for the next to last question. Would like to go over it with someone who figured it out to see where I’m getting mixed up at.

Hiram Uphouse
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Unfortunately I have a meeting tomorrow afternoon, beginning at 1:30pm so I will be unable to make it. However, I will ask Jason (the TA) to be at Problem Session to answer any questions.