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I posted a description of the project. Its located on the Homework page...
Hi guys,
I have my loop closure equation set up for the five bar linkage but I am at a loss as far as coming up with equations from theta3,4,5 without having an unknown angle. I was trying to solve all of them in terms of theta2. Any help would be greatly appreciated.
So you’re given the information that link 2 turns with gear 2, and link 5 turns with gear 5. This means that you can relate the angles theta 2 and theta 5 by the gear ratio. For example if your r2 is 5cm and your r5 is 15cm. This means your gear ratio is 3 to 1. For every 3 turns of gear 2, you get 1 turn of gear 5. So if your gear 2 rotates 30 degrees counter clockwise, then your gear 5 will have rotated 10 degrees clockwise (opposite directions because the gears form an external pair). These are your values for theta 2 and theta 5 respectively.
Hello again Dr Quinn,
I’m having some trouble submitting now. I was able to upload a pdf of my code and everything else as images. I’m concerned that there were two different submission and I want to make sure both are viewed and graded. As far as I could tell gradescope will not let you submit a pdf and an image at the same time.
Thanks Matt

Hello guys, I’m working on my matlab code right now for the project and im trying to multiply two 1x63 matrix and im having some trouble. I know that the inner dimensions must agree. I am trying to get another 1x63 as my output. looking for an easy way to multiply these without getting 1 answer or 63^2 answers. I hope this clear...
thanks for any help matt
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Use the dot notation. So if x and y are your matrices, you can multiply them element-wise with
Thanks for the response Dr Quinn. I figured this out almost immediately after posting!
My matlab is a bit rusty HA