ME 431 Homework

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Hello Dr. Quinn,
I hope this is where I am supposed to ask questions. On question 2 and 3, do we need to follow your 5 step process to find the solution, or can we use spring and damper relationships to solve them? I know it can be done both ways, but I wanted to make sure I wouldn’t lose points just using the spring and damper relationships.

- Hayden Burkholder
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Good Morning,

On my Gradescope page I only have 1 assignment where I can submit a file. It is only for “Homework 00.” I’m unsure if I am the only one with this problem or if I’m doing something wrong.

Just an FYI.

Have a good day
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I opened up a new assignment for Homework 01... also, if possible please submit each problem on a new page. I have revised the homework assignment file so that each problem is on a separate page.
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Hi Hayden,

I would rather you go through the process of properly modeling the system, but I will accept either method.

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Dr. Quinn
For question 5 is r2 the radius of the big pulley or just the difference between the big and r1?
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It’s the radius of the larger pulley. If you assumed otherwise just make a note of it on your paper.