ME 203 Homework

Homework 07

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The Cavs won the NBA. The Indians are in the Series. The Browns are in 1st place (for the draft). Just let that sink in... at least until you start Homework 07.

Lyric of the day
All the little chicks with the crimson lips go:
Cleveland Rocks, Cleveland Rocks.

Since we just started pulley problems today do we have to do the pulley problems on the homework?

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Yes, please do all of the problems.

How do we find the acceleration in problem 3?
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The velocity and acceleration of the collar are given in the problem statement. Then, if you look at a point on the cable that is (instantaneously) coincident with the pulley, its speed is identical to that of the cable being pulled in by the motor, while the direction of the velocity is along the cable. Finally, for the acceleration, the component of the acceleration along the cable is equal to the magnitude of the cable’s acceleration as it is begin pulled into the motor. Essentially you can imagine that the motor is located at the pulley, and drawing in the cable from there. Use the velocity and acceleration equations from class to relate the two (motion of the collar and motion of the point on the cable being drawn in).

How should we go about doing the kinematics in Problem 2?
Actually this is a question for HW 08.